Grill 8 to 10 Anaheim chilies, blister then place in plastic bag for 20min. That way its easier to remove the skin. Once skin is removed cut in to dice size pieces & put to the side.

4 boneless skinless chicken breast, pound till thin about !/2 inch.

1Tub of cream cheese, I used onion & chive mix.

1 cup shredded cheese. (You can use your fav brand)

Shan Style Seasonings

Coat Chicken with Shan Style Seasoning blend of your choice. In a large fry pan, use about 2tbs of olive oil over med heat brown the chicken on both sides. Place in baking dish.

Blend together Shan Style cream cheese & chilies, place on top of chicken breast, then top with your cheese. Bake uncovered n a 375 oven for 30min, till cheese is melted & browned a lil on top.


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