Grilled Chicken & Andouille Sausage. Crab mac n cheese, w/ Anaheim roasted peppers.

3 boneless skinless chicken thighs seasoned w/Shan style rub.

3 andouille sausage

4 Anaheim chilies

3/4 cup fresh crab meat  (can also use imitation crab)

1lb cooked pasta shells

1 small brown onion chopped

1/2 stick butter

3tbs flour

Shan Style blend

Worcestershire sauce

Trappey’s Louisiana hot sauce

1 med block aged sharp white cheddar cheese cut in to chunks

1 bag shredded Monterey jack cheese

1 pint half n half

2tbs Parsley

Grill chicken thighs, andouille sausage & anaheim chilies.  Place the chilies in a plastic sealed bag after grilling. Rest chicken & sausage 1/2 hr. Then cut sliced or diced (your preference). Once chilies are soft, peel charred skins & discard seeds. Chop in food processor. Set aside.

Cheese sauce: sauce pot, add butter & onions. Sauté till tender. Add flour & cook down on med low heat stirring constantly. Season w/ Shan Style Blend, few dashes of hot sauce, & Worcestershire sauce. Pour in half n half, add cubed cheese, & reserved green chili. Whisk till cheese is melted on med low heat. Salt & pepper to taste.

Combine cheese sauce, noodles & crab meat. Place in a baking dish add shredded cheese. Top grilled chicken , sausage  with extra shredded  cheese, & parsley. Place in 375 oven till cheese is melted.

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